words for one who has lost their purpose

…and perhaps you wake up in the mornings and wonder at your place on the skin of the earth; at whether you still have that treasure called, ‘a purpose’, and you measure your life by the ’important’ things that others do, and when you try and pull your own life over your head it doesn’t fit, and you feel you have grown small, smaller, smallest and you are lost inside of it, but also then you read the news and you see there is a father trying to survive with his children after his wife has died, and a stranger in another country has lost her only child and her heart lies splintered all over the news, and there are hurting people everywhere, just like you, and then you decide to stand up and walk into your life as it is right now, and you hold strangers before God, or you send parcels of light and kindness to them through the ether with your own hurting mouth, and this is all you can do, and so you do it, and just out of reach of your own understanding small prophecies and ordinary miracles start taking shape because of you and how your common, willing words climb into the wounds that have been shown to you, bearing love and kindness and mercy as tender weapons…

{📷 my knitting which i am pretty sure i started last autumn but i am getting closer to the end}

your life is not small. you have words and kindness. things are shown to you every day. you hold a tender weapon in your hands. there are things that are changed in realms we cannot see, simply because someone stopped to hold it up to the Light.

if your life feels too big and you think you have no more purpose, i am sending you love and a gentle reminder that your place is here and you have so much purpose.


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