beauty and ashes

you can make anything from ashes, even beauty, even light—especially light. if you call it to you, even if you can only whisper, if there is nothing left inside your hope, it will come and settle softly next to you, because life has a habit of catching alight and we are left with smoke damage, and charred remains, and sometimes only ashes, but ashes are something, and you don’t get to take anything with you anyway, so sit with what was taken from you, sit with what you lost, call it by its name, and then look for the light, and begin to shape something new behind your eyes. begin by giving it a new name in that vast, sacred space behind your eyes.

this is how it begins.

© Liezel Graham 2022.

{📷 detail of some more stitching done on this wee dress}

may your day be honest and kind, and may you be given an opportunity to be kindness to someone today.


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