I am a Glasgow-based writer who tells simple stories, mostly through poetry, but sometimes through essays, and free-form prose.

A self-taught ‘creative’, I explore the world that I dwell in through the use of narrative stitching and vintage textiles. Stitching my words onto fabric brings me healing and a deep sense of purpose and belonging.

I am a mum to a boy-child who is at the heart of my becoming, and my un-becoming, and who allows so many of my words to grow into something beautiful. My experience of motherhood, as well as my eclectic, quietly rebellious faith is often at the heart of my creative expressions and it informs my work.

I believe that we are all made up of stories, and that our stories matter deeply, and as a writer and writing group facilitator, I help people to explore their stories—the human experience of being on the cusp of change, and the courage and vulnerability that this requires of us.

I am the author of three collections of poetry, ‘Stripped‘, ‘A Counting of Love‘, and ‘The Velveting Bones’.