Lockdown 2020. A new anthology.

I am really pleased to mention that one of my poems, (Lockdown in our world | Where nothing has changed) has been
included in this wonderful anthology, Lockdown 2020.

My poem highlights my son’s experience of lockdown as someone with autism.

I am also very proud to mention that six writers from my online writing group {Chasing Brave} have their work featured in this volume as well!

This outstanding anthology features over 170 pieces of work from 89 writers and poets aged between 11 and 80, in 24 countries around the world (Australia, Bahrain, Brazil, Canada, Cameroon, England, Greece, India, Israel, Kurdistan, Malta, Malawi, Nigeria, Pakistan, Poland, Republic of Ireland, Puerto Rico, Scotland, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, UAE, USA and Vietnam), all putting into poetry and short prose their thoughts, feelings and personal experiences living through isolation and surviving the coronavirus.

The book is available as a FREE PDF to download, or as book to purchase via Amazon.


Do take a look,


2 thoughts on “Lockdown 2020. A new anthology.

  1. So many congratulations, Liezel! I just read your poem and – as a mother of a son with autism – I hear you. God wrap ’round you both. xo jenny

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