a meditation for my words.

may kind things,
honest things,
soft things,


that know

how to cut flesh
from gristle,

from lie,

find their way past me,

as they climb up my throat
on strong, bare feet.

may they fly,

crawl, if they must.

find the hunger
find the holes.

the place
where everything
smells like giving up.


may they be full.


one more day.


— a meditation for my words.

© Liezel Graham 2020.

Image by Aaron Burden.

something that came to me this morning as i was meditating—blessing my words.

if your heart yearns to be a healer in any form, may this be for you.


2 thoughts on “a meditation for my words.

  1. “if your heart yearns to be a healer in any form, may this be for you”………

    I sit with sleepy eyes, coffee steaming and this is the new days’s first gift. YOU! my heart is a healer as I see and accept that more in each trial and joy and in the healing the crevices of soul thrashing trauma waiting beneath the breath.

    and most significant to that raw knowing within me is that YOUR words are always meant for me. How grateful I remain to have stumbled across your words and heart. My children are grown 50 & 44 yet even in words of your sweet boy, it is for me. I adore your heart and the hands that offers you to soften the world’s chaos. Blessings dearest Liezel

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    • Thank you so much my lovely friend. I appreciate your words, love and encouragement so much! I am so pleased my wee boy’s words find a home in your heart. He is a wise little soul.


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