A rainy walk at Cochno, Scotland.

I have made two new short sensory walk videos for you. Both have been uploaded on my Youtube channel.

This one was shot today as I went out walking in a soft, chilly rain at Cochno, West Dunbartonshire, Scotland. It is a beautiful place in all seasons, but when the bracken starts dying back in Autumn, its starkness takes on a different loveliness.

If you are stuck inside, or are unable to get to green spaces, then I invite you to take a short, sensory walk with me.

These little videos are shot on my phone, and are most definitely amateur quality, but I hope that you will share in my love for nature and my never-ending sense of wonder at the little things around us.

Close your eyes if you want, listen for the horses, listen to my wellies splashing through the puddles. For 7 minutes, just breathe and enjoy nature vicariously with me.

Much love,



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