A leafy, sensory walk at Mugdock, Scotland.

I have made two new short sensory walk videos for you. Both have been uploaded to my Youtube channel.

This one was shot at Mugdock, near the old castle. There are so many leaves on the ground and the fungi are exquisite this time of year.

If you are stuck inside, or are unable to get to green spaces, then I invite you to take a short, sensory walk with me.

These little videos are shot on my phone, and are most definitely amateur quality, but I hope that you will share in my love for nature and my never-ending sense of wonder at the little things around us.

Close your eyes if you want, listen for the magpie, listen to my booths crunching through the leaves. For 2 minutes, just breathe and enjoy nature vicariously with me.

Much love,



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