things to feast on

it might be the layers of paint stripped from the dying wood, or the weeds strangling the bricks on the edge of this small world, or the damp that moved in whilst nobody was looking, how it shakes its wet, dark fist at everything that dares to tame it
so much for the mouth to disapprove of, so much to fold into disappointment
but oh!
would you give me your eyes for a gossamer moment
just until they have had the chance to feast
on a portion of that impossible blue
the slow-shock of turquoise
the brazen beauty
forget the rest, look away
here is the answer to something, even though
we might not know what the longing is

until you are full.

© Liezel Graham 2023

{📷 something beautiful that fills my plate each time i walk past it—oh, that impossible blue!}

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