We are not designed to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders, or our social media feed

As someone who feels things deeply and who carries a deep-seated sense of guilt that I am not always ‘doing enough’ to save others from heartache, or illness, or the world turning on them, partly because of the roles I have been playing since I was young, partly because of my personality, and partly because I was once part of a profession in which I was trained to offer care and once-a-nurse-always-a-nurse, reading this article by Nadia Bolz-Weber was as if someone opened a door to a quiet meadow and said, ‘we are not designed for this and it’s ok to give what you can and step away from the rest’.

Perhaps we might have to learn to give ourself grace when we are tired of the world’s aching, and place our care with the ones in front of us. I feel this deeply as a mum who spends a vast portion of her time caring, whilst somehow also trying to carve a small space for myself where I can be a creative and craft my stories.

Let’s assume others have lives we are not privy to and let’s give each other grace and the space in which to breathe, and heal, and eventually blossom again. Silence doesn’t always equate with an uncaring heart.

Please make yourself a cup of tea and spend a few minutes really taking in her words.


Wishing you the kindest day,


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