grace gets its hands dirty

‘…when all the soft bodies that i love are finally asleep, i hold my right ear close to the eggshell boundary between this world and the other, my mouth listening for the sound of God’s footsteps walking through my home, my life always hungry for a portion of Grace, how its hands are always dirty, always digging deep in places where the holy fear to tread…’

© liezel graham 2022

oh, the joy of a negative covid test! i am still feeling tired and resting a lot, but there was only one line on that wee test today and it was a beautiful feeling. so much gratitude for this.

i am determined to go for a long-ish walk in the woods this weekend. it is autumn. my favourite season! the fungi are out in their full colours and i have not left my house in what feels like forever.

sharing this piece which is finally finished and listed in the shop.

i hope the words find you and remind you of how much you are loved.


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