you are a soft thing—a mantra

I am slipping in just in the nick of time to catch the end of #worldembroideryday.

I had great hopes of posting pictures of myself sitting serenely somewhere in the woods, whilst stitching.

Life happened in glorious, pretty inconvenient neon colours, resulting in us having to turn back and go home because I forgot something pretty important. By the time we got home we had all pretty much lost the enthusiasm for going out again, and we were hungry. So we made lunch, and had tea, and that was the end of that idea!

Anyway, I am posting the last image of this stitched mantra as it is now available in the studio shop.

And THAT was my #worldembroideryday… the great adventure that wasn’t.

But, there were lots of cups of tea and a pretty good belgian waffle, and conversations with people I love, so all in all a good day!


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