Loss: exploring grief through narrative and writing.

Friends, if you are negotiating a grief journey, please join me for the second of my online conversations: Exploring grief and loss through narrative and writing: a tender conversation about the ones we grieve.

“…so, your heart is broken, and pain has stripped the sunlight from your bones.

tell me, what will you do with this gift?”

— Liezel Graham, from You Can Make Anything From Ashes | Even Beauty

Join me in a tender and explorative conversation around a virtual table as we hold up the ones we are grieving in story with each other, and then after listening to some poetry that explores loss, we shall write in response to our grief and attempt to make beauty from our ashes.

In order to allow for a space that is intimate and that also facilitates sharing, there are only six tickets available per conversation.

There is no time limit on your grief journey, whether you are missing someone who died seventy years ago, or seven days ago, as long as you feel able to share and write, you are welcome and your story will be held gently.

If you would like to book a conversation as a small group, perhaps all remembering the same person, please do send me a message via the contacts page here. I would be honoured to facilitate this for you.

It will be useful if you could bring an item of clothing, or something that belonged to the person you are grieving. We shall explore this and how it allows us to feel connected, in our writing. Bring that sweater, that knitted cardigan, that hat, the favourite book, or perhaps a photograph. Bring something that you can share with us. We would love to hold you and your story.

Important: Please come with an open heart and be willing to truly hear others and let them be at peace in their own truth and grief journey. There is no right or wrong way to negotiate grief. These conversations are not associated with any specific faith, or religion, although it might come up during conversation as people share their different stories. If you are very recently bereaved, then this might be a very tender experience for you. Allow yourself time to process your loss so that the sharp edges have softened a bit. You are, however, welcome to join us at any stage of a grief journey. If you want to tell it and write about it and remember your person, there is a place for you at the table.

I will not be teaching writing techniques or skills at this event.

This is an informal conversation around the table and we will explore each other’s stories, listen to some poetry, and then write in response from our own personal experience. You do not need to have any special writing skills to be present here. You are a life made up of stories and your stories deserve a voice.

A few days before the event, I shall e-mail you with a few thoughts and exercises to explore before we meet, as well as the Zoom link for the event.

Disclaimer: This conversation session is not therapy, or a substitute for therapy, and should not be considered as grief counselling, either.

This event will be hosted via Zoom and tickets can be booked on Eventbrite via the link below.

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