“…so, your heart is broken, and pain has stripped the sunlight from your bones.

tell me, what will you do with this gift?”

— Liezel Graham, from You Can Make Anything From Ashes | Even Beauty

Join me for a series of tender and explorative conversations around a virtual table as we tell each other stories, write in response to a prompt, listen to poetry, and attempt to make beauty from our ashes.

In order to allow for a space that is intimate, that also facilitates sharing, there are usually only four to six tickets available for each conversation.

If you would like to book a conversation as a small group, or perhaps all remembering and honouring the same person, please do send me a message via the contacts page here. I would be honoured to facilitate this for you.

Themes that I have hosted include grief and loss, the gifts of the menopause, and honouring the womb.

All conversations are hosted via Zoom and tickets are available on Eventbrite.