Womb: an online conversation of storytelling and writing

Womb: honouring your relationship with your womb, through writing.

DATE: Saturday, 30th October 2021, 19:00 to 21:00 BST

TICKETS: £12 pp and there are only SIX tickets available, so as to keep it intimate and allowing us the time to really listen to each other’s stories.

This is an ONLINE EVENT through Zoom. Tickets are available through Eventbrite.

Join me for a tenderly explorative conversation around the losses that we experience around our womb and fertility. If you have a sensitive relationship with when, or how you started your menstruation journey, or if you struggled—or still struggle with infertility, or if you had to make the choice to terminate a pregnancy, then there is a space for you at this table.

If you are now facing menopause and the losses that go with that, a hysterectomy, or a loss of fertility due to chemo/radiation, you are so welcome to join in with your story here as well.

We will talk, share, listen to each other, and then write a blessing or a lament for our womb. We will hold each others stories tenderly and honour each other’s past, present and future relationship with the womb and our (in)fertility.

I hope that you will leave with a deeper love for your womb and her presence within your body and your life—especially if you were fed words such as ‘the curse’ as a descriptor of your period. I also hope that you will find the act of writing, or journaling, a healing experience that you are able incorporate into your life.

Important: This will be a group of people made up of all walks of life and for many of us, there are deep issues surrounding women, the womb, and the feminine presence, especially in religion. Please come with an open heart and be willing to truly hear others and let them be at peace in their own truth.
I will not be teaching writing techniques or skills at this event. This is a conversation around the table and we will explore each other’s stories and then write in response from our own personal experience. You do not need any writing skills to be present here.

You are a life made up of stories and they deserve a voice.

A few days before the event, I shall e-mail you with a few thoughts and exercises to explore before we meet, as well as the Zoom link for the event.

I would love to see you there!


“…every time you open a cupboard something falls out demanding its freedom—desperate for the light to fall on its shadows, and maybe it’s time for you to untie the story that you hold inside your mouth, loosen it from your tongue and speak it into the world.
let me tell you a secret—the story has always been yours.
it has always been in your hands.
the world is waiting for words shaped just like those you have kept hidden.
the world is waiting.
you are a story.

now tell it. “

Liezel Graham

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