The importance of self-compassion and its role in self-healing.

Self-compassion plays such an important role in healing ourselves.

So many of us are living with inner wounds and scars.

We wear masks that hide our hurts—terrified of showing up in vulnerability, we feel unsafe in close relationships, leaving the ones who love us, confused at our behaviour.

If we don’t find a way to heal our inner wounds, we may spend the rest of our lives either looking for what we need (and should give to ourselves) in every new partner, or close friend, or we end up projecting the feelings and hurts that were caused by those unhealed wounds, onto others.

We have no control over our past, and scars might be there forever. There is no shame in a scar. It shows you survived, but know this: you are worth all the love that you have within yourself.

Rub kindness into your wounds and sing a love song over all your hurts, and all your fears.

Pour grace over yourself like water.

This is how we heal.

You matter.

Your story matters.

Your healing matters.

Much love,


if the child deep within your skin

is weeping.

sit with her in sorrow.

rub kindness into her wounds.

sing love over all her fears.


is how you will both heal.

— pour grace over yourself

Stripped, pg 48.




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