Poem: When we were lost and I was found.

when i read the map wrong
in a city neither of us is familiar with

i wait

for something that does not come

even after you steer the car off the road

everyone else around us knowing what they are doing
where they are going

but not

we are lost
i have made us so

but you

taking the map from my hands
you reorientate us

even after i give you an apology—throw it at you
i want to be quicker than anger

i am given something else

you cup my face between your hands

kiss my mouth softly

the worry of my words

in that small moment
everything that tastes like failure

in that small
honest moment

i allow myself to be found

by you.

— when we were lost and i was found

© Liezel Graham 2020.

Image by Johannes Rapprich

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