a poem: live lost.

i have always been good at getting lost.

the God that I was given never liked this—this knack for running away, this rebellion of falling in love with things that are hidden.

i was made this way—shaped in my mother’s womb so softly, with great care.

a bent for finding myself in places others do not want to be in, purposefully folded into my bones with a holy smile.

a map, perhaps.

after i run away for the last time, i find a different God searching for me in the bramble bushes.

i do not recognise his face, or the language that he speaks.

still, he smooths my wildness with proud hands, helps me up, tells me

go—get lost again.

don’t look back.

love does what love does.

i’ll find you.

— live lost

© Liezel Graham 2020.

Image by Annie Spratt


for those who live their lives lost, knowing they are loved.


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