a poetry reading—thoughts on hope, and courage, and faith

so, you have had loss—things, and people have been taken from you.

i know the shadows of this place, too.

you did not see any of it coming. did not ask for it. did not agree

to it.

for a long while now you have lived your life stunned, every breath a shallow thing.

you have forgotten what it is like to walk the earth on tiptoes, eyes shining.

one can dwell too long in the land of grief, living within the borders

of loss.

and now?

what do you call your life now—have you given it a new name?

is it kind, can you still find hope within its walls?

something even lovelier may be on the way, you know.

tell me

is your heart wide open, your hands—are they cupped, ready?

this is how you start it—how you find your way out, how you eat life again, open your eyes, say

thank you.

— thoughts on hope, and courage, and faith

© Liezel Graham 2020.

Page 93, A Counting of Love.

Here’s a wee something to carry into your weekend.

‘Something even lovelier may be on the way, you know.’

And a video of me reading my poem ‘Thoughts on hope, and courage, and faith.’

It’s a grey, wet day in Glasgow today, so please excuse the light—also, I don’t really know what I am doing when it comes to making videos, but I hope the words find their way to wherever they need to be.




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