and…it’s publishing day!

I am ridiculously pleased, and very relieved to announce that my book, ‘A Counting of Love’ is now available in paperback as well as Kindle format.

You can find it on any Amazon platform and it will soon be available on Book Depository as well.

It has listed on Goodreads today, so if you are on there, and you have enjoyed the book, may I kindly ask you for a review once you have read it?

For US and Canadian readers:

For readers in the UK and Ireland:

For readers everywhere else, your country-specific Amazon platform will have its own listing.

I would so appreciate you leaving a review on Amazon as well.

Thank you so, so much for all your support, your shares, your comments and messages, and for reading my words. I am forever humbled by the stories that you share with me. Thank you for allowing me a glimpse of your life.

Much love,


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