the big reveal—my new book’s cover

I can finally share the cover for my second book, ‘a counting of love’ with all of you and I am a wee bit overwhelmed with excitement!

I will let you all know the release date in a few days, but here’s a taste of what it looks like.

Isn’t it stunning?

‘A counting of love’, is a little bit longer than ‘stripped’ and the poems explore love in all of her facets. I have included poems about love, faith, motherhood, selflove and body image—it is a beautiful collection of poetry that encompasses so much and I am deeply proud of it.

I hope that you will love it as well.

My gratitude to the very talented South African artist, Maritha van Amerom, for allowing me to use her striking digital print on the cover. Do go and look at her fantastic work at

And my gratitude to the wonderful Onur Aksoy at OneGraphica for the cover design.

I’ll share more soon!


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