the saltings—where many of my poems are born

Fairly close to where I live, is a gem of a greenspace called The Saltings.

It is a favourite place of mine to walk and many of my poems are born here whilst walking—picture me making a mad dash for my car so that I can get to my notebook before I lose the thread in my head!

This week saw my son and I out for a bit of fresh air here.

The meadow looked as beautiful as it always does this time of year, with many bumblebees about and the view towards Helensburgh over the Clyde river was a lovely reward.

Elderflower has to be one of my favourite things about this time of year.

If you live in Glasgow and have not visited this tucked away space, do consider it.

It is well worth it!

2 thoughts on “the saltings—where many of my poems are born

    • You are so welcome, Jenny! It is such a lovely spot, particularly on sunny days, as the bumblebees are a delight!


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