audiobooks and spotify. yes, or no?

Please talk to me about audio books, streaming and cd’s.

Would you be interested in an audiobook of poems, or a cd?

Do you use streaming platforms such as Spotify?

Any thoughts on a theme, or content for something like this?

Lastly, would you have a preferred accent for the narrator, or would you enjoy the poems if I read them personally?

For those who don’t know, I have a South African accent with a wee bit of Scottish flavour 😉

Thank you, lovely people!

There are some exciting things happening in the new year,


Photograph by Hannah Timms.

2 thoughts on “audiobooks and spotify. yes, or no?

  1. Naturally, given the fact uour words ate my life too, I will grab to any form, visual or audio, in which your work is offered
    I would not like to hear anyone but the voice of the artist… YOURS. i don’t care if you have six accents. The truth of your words is still there!!! Please don’t steal the beauty of your work by using another voice. Thank you for letting me offer feeble opinion. With resoect, honor and love.

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