The magic of enthusiasm.

This morning I was awakened by my little boy running into the bedroom, shouting, “It’s today! It’s today! Yay! It’s today!”

And just what do you think, might elicit such great excitement on a Saturday morning?


Every Saturday morning he has his swimming lesson and he loves it with an extraordinary enthusiasm that never tires. Every week’s swimming session is anticipated with the same infectious joy, and it’s a sheer delight to observe, and be a part of—even the bright, cheerful and very loud wake-up call is a treasure.

It reminded me how important enthusiasm is. It’s an infectious energy that rubs off on everybody and it is so life-giving.

But, what if there is nothing in your life to be enthusiastic about?

Please—spend some time thinking about the things that used to bring you joy and that used to get you all excited about living.

Find that thing.

And go and do it!

Do it until your heart buzzes with joy and then go find some more!

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