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Books and words have always been a refuge for me. I have always sought the other worlds in books far more than the real world. As a child, we moved a lot. I was the quintessentially ‘weird’ child. The odd one that never fit in, no matter how hard I tried. Books, well, they were my sanctuary. Libraries were and still are, places where I breathe a sigh of relief when I cross the threshold. And try as I might, I cannot walk past a second-hand bookshop without popping in for a rummage.

As an adult, I have lived in three different countries. That in itself provides a wealth of writing material for an introvert who doesn’t really like her roots disturbed. I identify as an immigrant, with heart and roots in different places. This too has left me with much to write about. But the greatest influence on my writing came in 1994 when I became a Christian. I still loved words, but I slowly fell in love with the Word. I dreamed of writing not just to give escape to those who needed refuge from the world, but I wanted to encourage others – bring hope to them. Life had left its mark on my heart in a hundred different ways over the years, and I carried scars that I wanted to share – needed to share – but I had grown to fear vulnerability.

Allowing myself the freedom to be transparent was a terrifying thing. So, for years I just wrote in private.  I journaled. I scrawled snatches of the innermost parts of my heart onto scraps of paper. I wrote long status updates on social media that most probably bored my friends to tears, but I wrote. Until one day I decided to submit a story to a US publication, and it was accepted for print. It gave me the courage I desperately needed to start sharing some of my writing and poetry with others.

What do I write about? Autism, faith, healing, post-natal depression, marriage, love, bullying, addiction, bulimia, depression, anxiety, being an immigrant, body positivity, self-love, the chaotic childhood that results from growing up touched by alcoholism, and so much more. I also write about my experiences running from God. To me, the parable of the one sheep was written just for me. I have found God’s grace over and over in my life and it has always been enough.

Writing, for me, is healing.  In a nutshell — I celebrate the beauty in the struggle.

I also love to write stories that cause people to stop and think; question things. If I have made someone say: “I wanted more… I wonder why that happened. Why did she do that?” then I feel I have achieved my goal with that story.

I love short, sharp flash fiction, too. I challenge myself to write a Twitterature (a story in a Tweet) almost every day.

I have a son with special needs and T1 diabetes, and much of my writing features aspects of my daily life. My thoughts, and sometimes my fears, laid bare on paper. I write to encourage others who walk in the shadows of daily life — those of us who sometimes feel unseen.

I hope you enjoy my writing and poetry and thank you very much for following along,