I have always had a deep love for words, particularly the way that they can be both a wondrous escape, as well as a place to heal.

I explore my writing as an adventurous space, where I have the freedom to be curious about everything that I experience and see around me. Most of what I write is about my own life as I observe it through the lens of wonder.

I grew up in South Africa, but now make Scotland my home. I hold a B.Cur degree in Nursing Science and Midwifery (summa cum laude), and I am also qualified as a Psychiatric Nurse, although in this season of my life I am a mum first, and then a writer. Although I no longer practise professionally, my work always has a therapeutic spine to it. 

As an author, I have published two full collections of poetry under my own imprint, Quiet Rebel Press. My first collection, Stripped, was originally published in 2019 and my second collection, A Counting of Love, was published in 2020. I hold full membership of The Society of Authors, as well as The Alliance of Independent Authors. I am also a member of Lapidus International, the writing for wellbeing community. 

Much of what I write is about the essence of being human—the intrinsic beauty that can always be found within the struggle. Topics that I explore are loss and grief, mental health, post-natal depression, motherhood, domestic abuse, bulimia recovery, reconnecting with the feminine, and my ever-evolving relationship with {my} faith, spirituality, and the sacredness of the old ways. I am fascinated by the intricacies of the human spirit—the strength and resilience of people and how we overcome our challenges and trauma.

When a reader finds their way into my poems, I hope that they discover a soft place—a place where they might see themselves and their own experiences reflected in my words. I believe that we are all made up of stories, and that our stories matter deeply, and as a writer and writing group facilitator, I help people to explore their stories—the human experience of being on the sharp edges of life, and the courage and the  vulnerability that dwelling here requires of us.

I regularly host online conversations in small, intimate groups where we explore different topics. I believe our lives are made up of stories and our stories are deserving of being told and heard.

These conversations can be booked through Eventbrite and more information is available on my page’s ‘Workshops’ section. 

Thank you for your interest in my work! I am honoured to share my words with you.


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