a small reminder for a waiting heart

standing at the window
your right ear a tin can held to the future, waiting for news of an answer, the answer, any answer that will soften the way in which you have learnt how to breathe, no longer the ocean your breath is a shallow spoonful with too much work to do, but listen—great things have happened from small things, and if the thing that you are in need of is something shaped like a miracle, like an i-just-can’t-explain-it, then hold on to this—any amount is enough if you are needing a seed, and any seed will grow if you water it and give it light, and you already have these living inside your mouth and in the quiet room behind your eyes, and all you can give is all you can give, nobody ever saw miracles grow out of too-much, and just start there in the space that needs filling, and with ‘help’, and ‘please’, and ‘thank you’, and you might want to put the tin cans and string away now, your message is up and away, already flying through the thin veil, already received and preening its feathers for the return, and go and make tea and wash those windows, so that you won’t miss the soft body of what you have asked for, when it returns with your name written all over it.

© Liezel Graham 2023

{📷 the smallest ‘enough’}

if your life is in need of things shaped like miracles, may your mouth have the courage to shape the words, and may your mind have the courage to start the ‘thank you’ long before you hear the answer arriving at the window.


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