fungi in craigallian forest

I have an old car that can be quite temperamental. So much so that she has spent most of the last three weeks in various states of repair, resulting in my wings being clipped.

She is now repaired—thank goodness for professionals who understand cars—and so today I disappeared into the forest at Craigallian for a walk.

I am an avid walker and I love being out in nature. In fact, I need it almost as much as I need oxygen, although that does sound a bit dramatic!

Craigallian is a working plantation just outside Milngavie and is a lovely spot to explore, particularly if you love fungi and moss.

I am not at all knowledgeable when it comes to the scientific names, so if you can identify these, please do so in the comments!

Parts of the forest are a veritable wonderland, particularly in autumn!

It is difficult not to come away from a walk here without inspiration for at least one new poem, but even if it eludes me, to be amongst the trees is an almost sacred experience for me. They ask nothing, but give everything.

The forest and the woods are where I find myself again, possibly why I have a love for Mary Oliver’s poetry.


2 thoughts on “fungi in craigallian forest

  1. Thanks, Liezel for the tour of the forest and meaty mushrooms pictures. What a gift to be so close to the woods. I too live right next to a forest (Ontario)….the smell of mushrooms is a lovely lure. All the best, Lucy…fb

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    • Lucy, you are so welcome. I am pleased you enjoyed it! I can imagine how beautiful your forests are. I have always had an appreciation for the beauty of Canada.


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