it is ok if you fall | to forgive yourself.

this is the day after the one
in which i stumbled
over my own

broke myself
with my own hands.


i shake off my feathers,
step into the light,
try again.

— it is ok if you fall | to forgive yourself.

© Liezel Graham 2020.

Image by Pelle Asplund.

For you who fell hard over your own life, found yourself face-to-face with old enemies that know you by name, losing a battle you thought you’d never have to fight again.

You might be broken.
You will heal, again.
You might feel like a failure.
You are not your failures.
You might feel like giving up.
Please, please don’t.

Here’s some truth…

You get to try again.


Image by Pelle Asplund.

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