on manuscripts and love.

The behind-the-scenes glamour of a book being born.

It’s cold and blowing a hooley out there. In other words it’s the perfect weather for sitting snugly underneath a duvet and deciding which poems go where in manuscript number 2.

Also the perfect excuse to drink copious amounts of hazelnut flavoured coffee.

Now you know some of my deep, writerly secrets and it pretty much boils down to good coffee, and lots of it too!

A Counting of Love, is a beautiful collection of poems and prose poems about love and how it is the golden thread in our lives.

Old love, new love, love as it ends, love as it begins, sacred love, love for our children… love as the glue that holds us together, always.


4 thoughts on “on manuscripts and love.

    • Yes, I am working on my second collection of poetry. I published my first book, ‘Stripped’, last year and ‘A Counting of Love’ will be published at the end of March. I am very excited about this one!


  1. May not have tje right to be proud of a ‘stranger’, yet proud I am of you Liezel. Proud of sny himsn that creates the struggles of life in to an expression of it’s joys & sorrows in to a permanent work of art. Thank you proudly, for sitting with your hot coffee and filtering through life’s pages and each of it’s senses and bring the commonality we all share to life. Bonding us and our humanity as one.
    I am damn proud of you. You are here in words and thus no one is alone. We all reach out and a hand to hold appears


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