What if.

What if,

you fought a war for yourself,

instead of with yourself?

What if,

you used the words you speak to yourself, as a veil of kindness with which to cover your nakedness?

What if,

you ate each meal with quiet gratitude, instead of it being a critical litany of fat grams?

What if,

you allow the next dessert to be a sweet reminder of the good in life, instead of reducing yourself to one word: ‘bad‘?

What if,

you wore that bright red lipstick, that purple shirt, that floral dress; regardless of what the fashion industry says is suitable for someone of your colour, skin tone, size, age, gender?

What if,

you chose yourself every, single day.

What if.

Published by

Liezel Graham

Wife. Mum. Lover of words. Lover of the Word. Writer of stories. I drink too much coffee and dream improbably big dreams. The quintessentially weird kid, all grown up and (still) finding refuge in books and words.

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