180—a narrative stitched piece

The light is less than ideal this afternoon and I cannot seem to capture this piece in a photograph.

180 individual fabric squares, each the size of an alcohol swab, hand stitched onto a vintage ladies ‘combination piece’.

A visual representation of the 180 extra decisions that a T1 Diabetic, or their carer if they are unable to care for their own needs, makes in a 24-period, simply to manage their disease and stay healthy and alive.

The ‘180 decisions’ is based on a research project that was undertaken by Stanford University and which stopped me in my tracks the first time I read about it.

I want this piece to tell a story—not to dwell on the burden of T1 diabetes, because many diabetics live full and active lives, partly due to diabetes tech which enables them to. But T1 diabetes is a serious disease and carries a heavy decision-making burden for the person living with it, and the ones caring for them.

I am hoping this piece will be accepted as part of an exhibition for #WorldCollageDay in May.