writing resources

If you use writing as a tool for wellbeing, either as a writing group facilitator, a therapist, a teacher, or as a writer, then please search for ‘Writing Resources’ in the category cloud on the tool bar. I have included some writing prompts that you are most welcome to freely use within your writing practise. Some prompts are also suitable for younger writers.

Just a note on using the poetry or creative work of other writers as a springboard for a writing prompt:

I do not share poems, or works by other authors if there is the possibility that I might infringe their copyright. I do, in some instances share a link to the work, or to their books, but I will always mention that in the post.

If a particular poem, or piece of prose, is simply the most perfect piece through which I am able to explore certain ideas with writers, then I ask permission from the author to use their work in such a setting. This is not always possible, as some authors are not that easy to contact. In that situation, I search for a different piece on which to build my writing prompt.

Many authors, however, are only too thrilled to have their work shared, but please be respectful of their intellectual copyright and always ask permission first, and credit them as authors.

It also goes a long way if you are able to share links to their books. This is a kind and respectful way of saying, ‘thank you.’