How to remake an old life

you know that you have to go back to your own self seventy times seven hungry times, just to start from another new beginning, just to feel the shape of something break and unfold and shape itself beneath your fingers, yes?

there is no time for perfection.
anyway, there is a fierce beauty that dwells within the cracks of a life.
the roots of that plant know how to keep growing, those blooms wait for nobody to praise them, even when you turn your face from them, even when you want to hide your voice from the weight of their name, somehow, they still choose a brazen life, still choose to honour what they grew from.

isn’t that courage?

isn’t that what we need from each other?

all the little wars that we are constantly caught in trying to be what we are not.

all the ways in which we try and feed each other trust with our rusty spoons.

still, even then.
even then.

© Liezel Graham 2023