How can you compare yourself to another?

Find yourself wanting;

declare yourself ‘not enough‘?

Do you not know that you are born of the same celestial breath;

bones fused together in secret places,

from the same ancient stardust?


— Stardust






For another year,

You have given me


I will never stop weighing the enormity of each


Let my life continuously be a quiet


in the face of my


For another year,

thank You.

– Survivor.

Courage, dear heart.

Just like in nature, our lives go through seasons. And, sometimes it might seem as if the winter will never ease its grip on us.

But, take courage – Spring will come.

And (new) life will return to your heart.

Until then remember that even in the harsh barrenness of frozen soil, seeds are waiting for just the right moment to push through and flourish.