‘Taken’, a poem for a new year.

i want to come to my life as a lover


i want to say, here i am

let me love every part of you

just as you are

let me rub the word


all over your skin

let me write the word


all over mine

for everything that will still fall

from your hands

onto me

i will fold myself

into the quiet shape of grace


i will say, here i am

you are mine.

— taken

© Liezel Graham 2021.

{Image by Jon Flobrant, on Unsplash.}

In lieu of resolutions for this year, and whatever is still to come, I would rather come to my life just as it is, say ‘yes’ to all it has to give, and claim it as mine.

Wishing you a peaceful, honest year that is filled with life.


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