Pour grace over yourself.

if the child

deep within

your skin

is weeping,

sit with her

in sorrow.

rub kindness into

her wounds.

sing love

over her fears.


is how you will



—pour grace over yourself.

On seeking inner healing.


in my bones.

this is

my gift

to you.

—on seeking inner healing.

When you have big dreams.

when you ask

for more,

make sure

your hands

are open.

— i wait in expectation.

So, you have dreams.

If you’re like me, probably quite a few. Some are achievable—goals, more than the scary ‘so big I cannot actually imagine this ever happening, but my heart is desperate for it’ kind of dreams.

What do you do with those?

Keep them tucked away in your heart, only to take them out every so often to examine them in the harsh light of reality?

Do you believe they can come true? Come to fruition? If you’re a praying person, do you pray expectantly? If you’re not religious, but spiritual, do you affirm their reality?

I believe every dream that is birthed within you, is there because it has purpose—to bring joy to you, and to others.

Write it down. Get it onto paper. Start praying about. Start speaking affirmations about it.

But, do it expectantly!

Ask with open hands!

A challenge—let’s dream big!

Be brave with me,

Liezel xx

What we all need.

And isn’t this what every, single heart needs to know—needs to hear?

That we are wanted?

That we matter *so much* that if we were not here, there would be a gaping hole in the universe.

Tell the ones that you hold in your heart, that they are wanted.

Tell them over, and over, so that they will never forget.

And know this one thing—you are too.

would you tell


just one more time,


i am wanted.

—what we all need.

Why I write.

i sing

my song

of hope

to the world.

a sweet



the broken ones.



your healing

is coming.

—why i write.

Don’t give up.

Whatever you’re struggling with tonight—do NOT give up!
Just keep at it. Keep chipping away at your goal.
And, you will get there, and the victory will be that much sweeter for the struggle.

Break the chains.

every woman

who heals


heals her



—Break the chains.