I am always open to a potential collaboration with other creatives.

Whether you are a poet, a writer, a musician or an artist, if you enjoy my work and would like to chat about a project, please do contact me.

I have learnt so much from other creatives and thoroughly enjoy stretching my boundaries.

A few projects where my work has been featured as a collaborative effort with other artists, are:

In November 2019, my poem, ‘on living brave‘, was featured in the lyrics of the song ‘Living Brave (feat. Keeper of Bees)‘ and The Ocean Beneath.

The song is also available for download on Spotify, iTunes and other streaming platforms.

It was a tremendous honour having my words be a part of this beautiful song.

The incredibly talented Vicky Richardson, from the electro acoustic band, Keeper of Bees, used my poem with such sensitivity, skillfully and effortlessly blending it into her song.

You can find out more about about Keeper of Bees at their website.

Yorkshire Singer / Songwriter – Home

In April 2020, the South African artist, Maritha van Amerom, launched a digital art initiative, ‘U N L O C K‘, in response to the Covid-19 lockdown in South Africa.

Maritha was inspired to create a series of limited edition digital art prints, in response to poems by certain poets and I am honoured that she chose two of my poems for her innovative project.

My short poem, ‘on living brave‘, was used in collaboration with this beautiful piece.

My short poem, ‘you are not broken‘, was used in collaboration with this phenomenal piece of digital art.

You can find more of Maritha’s work at

Some of my work has also been used in mindfulness meditations. I have a keen interest in this topic and I am always interested in hearing whether my poetry would be suitable for a meditation, or a retreat.

If you facilitate retreats, or meditation sessions, please do contact me with regards to this. 

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