there is still the breath, still the heartbeat

‘…there are things that cannot be undone, but there is love, and there is light.

let it find you.

let it find you waiting.

the tender folding.

the quiet grace…’

from, ‘how to fold grace for the things that do not pass

© Liezel Graham 2022

{image: some loveliness from my walk just before a June rainstorm arrived}

it has been a very busy few days here. not ‘nice’ busy, or ‘having fun’ busy.

slightly frantic and ‘more than a few tears’ and probably ‘far-too-much-tea’ busy.

but it’s friday. there is still the breath and the heartbeat, so here—wherever you are in the world, have some loveliness with me.

there *might* have been some lying down in the meadow to capture this shot. you pretty much can’t take me anywhere!