a meditation for my words.

may kind things,
honest things,
soft things,


that know

how to cut flesh
from gristle,

from lie,

find their way past me,

as they climb up my throat
on strong, bare feet.

may they fly,

crawl, if they must.

find the hunger
find the holes.

the place
where everything
smells like giving up.


may they be full.


one more day.


— a meditation for my words.

© Liezel Graham 2020.

Image by Aaron Burden.

something that came to me this morning as i was meditating—blessing my words.

if your heart yearns to be a healer in any form, may this be for you.


a blessing for mother’s day.

may you find love.
enough to fill any holes.

may you find healing.
enough to cover any wounds.

may you find hope.
enough to keep your dream alive.

may everything that was taken from you, return to you as joy.

may all your failures grow into

may you find yourself brave enough to try again, and again, and again.

may you find a soft place to rest,
where you can take off everything that is not yours to carry, and

may you always be found by the light, no matter where you are.

— a blessing for mother’s day.

© Liezel Graham 2020.

Image by Kirill Pershin.

Today is Mother’s Day in the UK and Ireland.

For many women it is a happy day where they are celebrated and loved that wee bit extra.

Happy Mother’s Day to you!

…but, if your arms are empty, or if your womb and your heart has only known loss, if you are grieving a child, grieving a mother, grieving any woman who has loved you like a mother, if you are a mum who has fallen again, and again—who knows bitter disappointment, shame and failure as friends, then I send you love today.

For the fathers who have to be mothers, too—you are doing just fine.

For the grannies, that are mums again, for the stepmums who have had to step into new shoes—you are doing just fine.

May you be found by everything that you need.

You are so loved.