buy me a cup of tea

I have, for so many deeply rooted reasons, been incredibly resistant to the idea of a supporting platform such as Patreon.

Possibly, the idea of committing myself, and my words, to some sort of routine and expectation is just too much for my quietly rebellious spirit. I write and create for deeply personal reasons and knowing the internal workings of my head, such pressure will be too heavy a weight to bear.

I have been asked in the past whether I am considering joining up, so my answer is still a definite ‘no’, as I am just not comfortable with the idea, but if you should ever want to buy me a cup of tea, I have wandered into this absolutely lovely concept and your support will always be deeply appreciated! As always, nothing changes here and I will carry on sharing my words and my stitches, my photographs, and many of the awkwardly vulnerable thoughts and ideas that land inside my head at 4 am when I should probably be sleeping, so please know that there are no plans to change that at all. If you are here, you are pretty much stuck with me! If you are reading my words, I remain deeply, deeply grateful and if they land softly at your feet and make you chase the light, then know that somewhere in a small kitchen in a Glasgow suburb, a quietly rebellious story-teller breathes pure delight!

Thank you for being here in my wee corner.

Much love,