about me


Hello, and thank you for your interest in my work.

My name is Liezel and I grew up in South Africa, but now live in Scotland.

I have a deep love for words, particularly the way that they can be both a wondrous escape and a place to heal. I explore my writing as an adventurous space where I have the freedom to be curious about everything that I experience and see around me.

Whenever a reader finds their way into my poems, discovering a soft place for themselves to sit for a while, I am always awed and humbled.

I write about the essence of being human—the beauty in the struggle. Topics that I explore are loss and grief, personal healing, mental health, post natal depression, motherhood, relationships, domestic abuse, bulimia recovery, reconnecting with the feminine, and my ever-evolving relationship with my faith.

I am fascinated by the intricacies of the human spirit—the strength and resilience of a person to overcome challenges and trauma.

A theme that runs through my body of work like a golden thread, is autism.

My son was diagnosed on the autism spectrum when he was a toddler. He has the most beautiful way of relating to the world and this beauty finds its way into my head, through my mouth and onto the page.

I hope, through my words, to show the world the sheer joy of him.

I am an introvert who loves people and nature. I walk often in the woodland areas surrounding my home, I read voraciously, home-educate my son and probably drink far too much coffee.

I also love travelling, discovering new places, and have a deep love for music. One of my biggest dreams is to visit every major opera house in Europe.

I still have a way to go on my bucket list, but I keep trying nonetheless!

I am a former Registered Professional Nurse, having obtained my B.Cur (summa cum laude) in Nursing Science and Midwifery, and I am also trained as a Psychiatric Nurse.

Whilst I no longer practice, I retain a keen interest in mental health and addiction.

I have published two volumes of poetry, ‘stripped‘, in 2019 and ‘a counting of love‘, in 2020. Please visit the ‘Books‘ link, on the main menu for more information on both of these.

My work has also been featured in other publications and a few of these are:

Chicken Soup for the Soul My short story, ‘Full-Blooded Love‘ appears in the ‘The Miracle of Love‘, collection, published in 2018.

Lockdown 2020. Poetry and Prose from around the world on living in isolation and surviving the corona virus. My prose poem, ‘lockdown in our world | where nothing has changed, was selected for publication in this anthology. 

Several of my poems have appeared online at ‘Anti-Heroin Chic‘, ‘Scarlet Leaf Review‘, and ‘Dime Show Review‘.

I am active on my author’s page on Facebook where more of my work, as well as lots of conversation can be found.


If you are on Instagram, please join me over here


Happy reading,


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