Change is in the air!

Friends, a little heads-up, but if you search for either of my books online, specifically Amazon, they will show as ‘Out of print. Limited availability’.

I shall be posting more detail in the next coming days, but a quick update:

When I published my first book I was on such a steep learning curve and didn’t know of any other self-publishing platforms other than Amazon’s KDP platform. I have since learned a profound amount about independent publishing and am currently busy with my third book, which will be released around September, or October this year, BUT in an effort to own the ISBN numbers of my books, and to ensure that Amazon is no longer the official distributor of all my books, I have made the decision to unpublish both my books, purchase ISBN numbers that now belong to me (and not to Amazon), and I am in the process of allowing my books to be distributed by a different company that feeds into multiple other outlets, including brick and mortar stores worldwide, and most importantly to me to libraries.

I am super, super excited about this! I know that Amazon is a platform that many folks do not want to order through and I am keen to get my books into small indie bookstores and libraries.

So whilst the new editions will be available to purchase from Amazon, they no longer own the imprints of my books and they will now be widely available all over the world. This whole process has been hard work and challenging as well, as it has involved me having to design new covers, format the manuscripts again so as to fit with the new distributor’s requirements, learn the new design programs that I have used, and also find a new outlet for my e-books, all which I have done now, but the process is time-consuming.

For my readers in South Africa who have struggled to get hold of copies, this will ensure that my books will now be available via stores such as Exclusive Books and I am very excited about this!

The best news? Both of my books will now be available in hardcover format as well. Many of you have asked about this, so I can finally say, yes! It will be happening in the next few weeks.

And a happy dance for me, I have now have my own publishing imprint which I have called, Quiet Rebel Press. All my books will now be published under my own imprint and you will see that name inside the book and on the cover too.

Thank you, as always, for all the support and for allowing me to stretch my wings here as my work grows, matures, evolves, and as I find my feet as an author and a poet.

I shall share more as I am able and once I have worked through my proof copies from the new distributor.

A sneak peek at the new cover for Stripped, and more to follow soon.

Just to clarify, the content of both books are the same. No poems have been added, or taken away.

Stripped, does however, have a Table of Contents and a Preface, now.

Thank you for all your wonderful support!

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