Poetry on YouTube? Join me!

Lovely ones, if you enjoy YouTube and poetry readings, please visit me at my lovely brand-new YouTube channel—definitely something I didn’t think I would ever say!

I hope to include little videos of my favourite woodland walks in the future, as well as some writing prompts to inspire your journal writing practice.

I would love it if you would join me there if you are a fan of all these YouTube!


#Poetry #PoetryReading

6 thoughts on “Poetry on YouTube? Join me!

  1. Hi Liezel, I would love to be able to hear you on you tube. Especially today’s meditation for sons as I have children both sons – 40 and 38! I have tried three times and haven’t been able to get through on You Tube. Either it says author has changed to you tube which makes no sense to me because I used your link to you tube. Or the 2nd time, after it was downloading about half way through it threw me to some home decorator video on you tube. Now the last time it downloaded the whole video but as soon as I pushed play it skipped to what video was coming up next ( It may have been a different poet but I’m not sure). Anyway, I don’t know whether it’s You Tube or my connection. Just wanted to let you know I haven’t been successful this a.m. Thank you for sharing your poetry so genervously. Sue Riley Windsor Massachusetts USA

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    • Oh, Susan, I am so sorry about that! I will take a look at that issue and see if I can come up with any problems from my side, but in the meantime you can also access the video on my author page on Facebook;

      I am sure you will resonate with it as a mum of grown men!

      Much love,



  2. Tried again today. Got it right away. Beautiful. Is it possible to share your poetry (with my sons) as long as I give you credit for it? Thank you, Sue

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    • Wonderful, Sue! I am so pleased it worked and of course you may share! I hope it speaks to your sons, too. Liezel x


    • Thank you so much, dear Jenny! Brave new territory for me. Thank you so much for all your lovely support!


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